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W.D. Strategies to Present Wix Branded App Strategy to Partner Community

Jun 1, 2022

W.D. Strategies, LLC, a Pennsylvania-based business consultancy and Wix Partner, will present their experience utilizing Wix’s Branded App technology during a live webinar for other Partners. The webinar will take place on June 7, 11 a.m. EDT on YouTube. Joey DiGangi, W.D.’s COO and co-founder, will share client success stories and best practices with the community.

What really excites us about the Branded App is the way it helps our clients expand upon the powerful community-building tools Wix already offers. Our most successful clients are those who see the app as an extension of their brand. They’re making themselves more accessible to their customers and that strengthens those relationships.Joey DiGangi – COO of W.D. Strategies

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