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Wix Expert Designers, Coders, & More

W.D. Strategies has a proven track record of designing, engineering, and growing Wix-based solutions for clients around the world and across multiple industries.

Solutions for Every Project

Work with our team of designers, engineers, marketers, and--above all else--solution providers.

Branded App Development

W.D. Strategies is recognized as a premier mobile app developer, having helped many clients adopt Wix's Branded App technology. We were touted as a pioneer and invited to speak about our work.

Editor & Editor X Design

Our team has worked on over 150 projects in the past year ranging from informational pages, e-commerce sites, event sign-up platforms, subscription-based models, and more.

Velo Projects

We are regularly engaged to support clients who need a variety of custom solutions, including database projects, third-party API integrations, and automations based on project requirements.

About W.D. Strategies

W.D. Strategies is a Pennsylvania-based business consultancy that specializes in developing clients' online presences. We're recognized as a Wix Expert because of our ability to create solutions for clients on the platform.

Listen to Our Team Discuss Wix Branded App Development

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